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Rules of the Game LINE FOLLOWER

Arena specifications: All dimensions are in Inches - read carefully. Maximum ROBOT size : 9 Inches X 9 Inches Maximum ROBOT weight : 1kg. Structure of Game: Robot should start moving from START points, and should stop at the END point. Robot should navigate the diversified Black Line and should reach the END point. Team is not allowed to touch the robot after START point. Robot should complete the whole path in minimum time. Game Rules: Game Arena Background is white in color. All lines are Black in color. Maximum 18V, power supply is allowed in the competition. Any team using power supply more than maximum limit will not be allowed to participate. External team will have only 1 attempts. All matches will be on knock out Basis. SCORING FORMULA: Team should complete the path in minimum possible time with accuracy and do not touch the robot once it is started.

General Rules: A team can consists of a maximum of 3 members. Each team must have to declare a name for their machine at the time of competition. The machines you build will be first checked for size and safety. The machine must not contain any combustible, corrosive, or otherwise dangerous materials for safety reasons. No explosive compression or decompression, either internal or external is permitted. Judges have the right to disqualify any machine whose working mechanism or game strategy is considered hazardous in any way. In case any kind of dispute arises, the judges' decision will be considered final. Dont's: During the game, the team members are not allowed to touch the machine or the arena. Any kind of assistance through edges for locomotion will be count as a warning. Don't damage the arena. The team will be asked to get ready 15 minutes before the start of the match. Contact the mentioned number, for any queries. 1) Dharun Viginesh.P - 9894070949 2) Ruthran - 7904616974

Date:19th march 2024