Robolution: Unveiling The Nexus of Innovation

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to all budding innovators and technology enthusiasts to participate in our upcoming Robo Tech competitions, specifically designed to ignite passion and creativity in the fields of electronics and robotics. This year, we are hosting two distinct competitions tailored to different applications:

1. Arduino Challenge: Participate in our Arduino Challenge and immerse yourself in the realm of programming and electronics technology! Participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in the design and programming of Arduino projects that are designed to tackle problems that are encountered in the real world. This challenge is an excellent opportunity to study, create, and compete in the field of electronics.

2. Competition in Robotics: With our Robotics Competition, which is geared toward high school students who have a strong interest in engineering and robotics, you will be able to take a step into the future. The robots that the teams will create will be designed, constructed, and programmed to carry out a variety of tasks and challenges. The purpose of this competition is to provide a wonderful opportunity to showcase inventiveness and competency.

Date: 18th march 2024