Robo Soccer

Rules of the Game

Design a remote control BOT (wired or wireless) that can cross certain huddles over an arena. Navigate along the track with the ball and can goal from certain distance . Team specifications :-

1). Team may consist of a maximum of 4 participants .

2). Participants from different educational institutions can also form a team.

3). Every participant would have to show their institution’s ID card and registration receipt at the time of reporting.

4). Participants should bring their own extension box for power supply.

Robo specifications :-

1). The maximum dimension of the robot can be 30 x 30 x 30 cm (lXbxh).

2). The robot may be wired or wireless.

3). The length of the wire (for wired bots) should be at least 7 m long.

4). Maximum weight of the robot must not exceed 5 kg.

5). The robot should not hold the ball with any bounded objects.

6). The power supply will be provided of up to 24 volts.

7). Ready made robots will not be allowed.

8).No weapons (blades, spikes) of any kind are to be attached onto the robot.

Arena specifications :-

1). There will be a match between 2 teams .

2). Each match will be of 6 min in two halves of 3 min each.

3). Half time will be of 2 min in which teams can repair their bots in case of any damage.

4). In case of a tie, extra time of 3 min will be given which will be in two halves of 1.5 min each.

5). If the winner is not decided after the extra time, then a penalty shootout will be done.

Rules and regulations :- ( strictly to be followed )

1). Teams not following dimensional criteria shall be disqualified.

2). The BOT should not damage the arena else team will be disqualified.

3). Design and dimension of the robot should not be changed during the competition.

4). Robot should not leave the track.

5). Only one person will be allowed to control the robot around the arena.

6). Any ready-made assembly except remote control system is prohibited in the BOT.

7). The BOT must use only electrical power as source of energy. Use of Compressed gas,uels, chemicals etc. is prohibited. Lead acid batteries are allowed.

8). Robot can make contact with the ball for maximum of 10 sec.

9). All kind of pushers, plungers, etc. can be used but it should not be bounded (i.e theplunger or fork etc. should be open from at least one side).

10). Robot should navigate along the track with the ball.

11). The decision of Judges and Coordinators will final and binding on all.

12). The name of the BOT must be prominently displayed on the BOT.

13). The weight of the ball will be less than 10 gm and diameter is 5cm.

14). If the participating robot causes any kind of physical damage to the opponent's bot, it will be counted as a warning. After two warnings the team will be disqualified. Contact the mentioned numbers, for any further queries.

Date: 19th march 2024r